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YAT has been selected to design and implement many training projects affiliated with various industries giants, national/international organizations, and governments . Below is a sample of our customized achieved training projects:
Information Technology Professional Training Program Project
YAThas been selected to design and implement a mass-training-project funded by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and administrated by National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) in Egypt. YAThas designed a coherent training program in the Web Design and Development track and Graphics and Multimedia track coupled with English Language and Business Soft Skills Training. In each year of the three-years training program, 570 different trainees will be trained throughout five training regions in our prestigious branches covering all over Egypt including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Delta, Canal and Upper Egypt. By completing this training program, all the 1800 trainees will eventually become technically qualified and also internationally certified in their area of expertise.
Contact Center Representative and Trainers Project
YAT Learning was selected to design and implement contact centers training project funded and administrated by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in Egypt. YAT has established a partnership with Call Centers Learning Solution CCLS, the worldwide leader in the contact center training industry, Tamima Call Center and C3 Call Center to accomplish this project.
Customized Web Technologies On-the-Job Training Project
In its effort to empower women through increasing their chances in Egypt's growing ICT industry, the National Council for Women (NCW), with the support of USAID, took the initiative to train 120 female on specialized IT training with the aim of enhancing the skills of graduates to obtain better IT business opportunities. YATwas selected to customize, design and implement this strategic on-the-job training project focusing on three major concentrations: Web Development, Web Designing, and e-Learning Content.
Customized CompTIA A+ Training Project
YATwas selected to design and implement training operations for a mass-training-project funded by USAID and administrated by Institute of International Education (IIE) and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in Egypt. During the intense training program, 360 trainees acquired sufficient technical knowledge in the field of computer maintenance and troubleshooting to qualify and pass CompTIA A+ certificate. The program also included training on vital sot-skills necessary in the business environment to allow candidate to become competent both technical and professional in today's work-environments.
Customized CTP-TIA CCNT Training Project

YATwas also selected for another mass-training-project funded by USAID and administrated by IIE and MCIT to train recent graduates of computer and telecommunication engineers on the booming technology of convergent networks for the first time in Egypt. As the only authorized education center by TIA, YAT Learning designed a powerful training program to 396 engineers. Training also included a major component of the on-the-job training in a call center facility to offer trainees on opportunity to experience real workplace application of the technical knowledge gained.



To apply for any of the current active training projects press the below link: